Botox Treatment

At his New York City dental practice, Dr. Jared Shore offers botox treatments to help patients treat TMJ and Facial Pain.

Botox, as an off label usage, can alleviate some of the pressure by relaxing the jaw joint muscle, and preventing your jaw from clenching, and your teeth from grinding. Botox may be used to effectively relieve the soreness and jaw tension associated with the dysfunction of your Temporomandibular joint. Those suffering from TMJ Dysfunction may experience a number of symptons such as headaches, teeth grinding and jaw clenching and grinding. While a night guard can be used by patients to reduce these symptoms, some patients do not want to wear this oral appliance every night. In this instance, Botox can be a great alternative. Botox  can  alleviate the pressure by relaxing the jaw joint muscle, and preventing your jaw from clenching, and your teeth from grinding. It is recommended to carry out Botox treatment for TMJ Dysfunction every four to six months to maintain optimal results.

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